My dancing houses are for people:

who love life,

do have humor and

are looking for something rally unique.


Stollberg Muele Original mini


You want me to draw your house or the house of a friend, of your parents or other people, exactly with all the deatails you imagine?


Your house, filled with life, with everything you love, crooked and as if it is dancing... and with recognition value!

 Order of a pottery, that was printed as a pr card:
Toepferei Axel klein
Order Blæsenborg
with this painting at the wall you can tell the whole history of the family
Blaesenborg2 sehrklein 
A piece of art with a lot of details! 
If you like, I can integrate beloved persons or pets...
Everything you can imagine, I can draw and paint. Your cosy patio, your car, your camper, your loved tree in the back, flowers, accessoires-- what ever you dream of is possible.
Order from Ketchharbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.
7E5891A2 CE9F 423A BBD5 3367F9728794
A gift..
  • for yourself!
  •  A very personal and unique gift for a special event, an anniversary,for your loving partner, for friends...
  • Wonderful for PR for your company. Your clients will love this personal apperreance.
 Order of a dentis from the Husumer marketplace:
Husumer Hafen mit ZA Tine mini
On paper or canvas, in any formate.
I have already drawn and painted thousands of Housepaintings and made them happy with it.
This original can also be printed and you can present this art print as a gift to your family or friends, who will be delighted..

For drawing and painting your dream painting of your house I need good photos from different sides and corneres of your house. Watch light and shadow, summer photos with flowers and garden accesoiers...
Send me a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., let me know about your wishes, and we can talk about details and questions.
Best wishes,
Signaturfreigestellt Kopie
Examples of my artwork:
Order from Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada
60A34C4E 65C6 46E4 A9D4 289E6AF860FE
Private order from Ulm:
Ulm mini
Order of the church in Bredstedt:
263386903 596810181570951 8639959119229588834 n
 Order of a PR card:
Naturburschi. original 2
Sketch, Grisou, Flensburg
Private Order, Hamburger Hallig, Nordfriesland
03 Gesche Stabenow Nordmann Hamburger Hallig im Wind
Order "Ribs and Salmon" Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada:
Ribs Salmon mini



Gesche  Nordmann

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