the trees are talking to us


the trees are talking to us


We were planning to do a journey to Borneo, Indonesia in the spring 2018.

While planning, I soon got faced with the unblievable destructive exploitation of the jungle in Indonesia. People sell the wood of the rainforests, grow palms for palmoil, after that they grow soyabeans. After that the forest is gone, with him the wild animals, leaving desert behind, where once was the richness of the rainforest. Elephants, gorillas, proboscis monkeys.. our mother earth is losing so many wonderful beings and happiness.

But: Can we ask for stopping cutting the rainforest, if we ourself go on sawing and using much too much wood.

How does it look here? One third of Germany is still forest. In Denmark 11%. But forest is not like forest. Virgin forest and semi-natural forests save a lot of carbon dioxide, but they cover only 2% of the land.

The wood industry grows conifers. In file they stand, looking like toilet brushes. Those forests are poor of variety and prone for sickness and weather (storm). The trees are grown like individualists, lonely. They bring money for a short time and are desolate.

Our mixed forests, mainly recreation zones around the cities, are the only wholistic sane space for human and animals. There you find increasing deadwood, livelihood for insects, birds and plants. Trees are allowed to get old. And trees can grow in a collective! They are associated through roots and fungus threads, connected, they share nutrive substances and support each other. Our forest would be abele to save more carbon dioxid, would be much more wild. With healthy forests you could drag the warming of the klimate. 

I read in the greenpeace news, there was a discussion between two wood farmers. While one of them grows the fast rising conifers, the other one grows slowly developing mixed forests. At first the farmer with the conifers earns more timber and makes more money while the other farmer has to wait. But later the farmer of the mixed forest earns much more each year and has the benefit and the pleasure of a forest , filled with diversity of life!

As the cree told us :"Only after the last tree has been cut down / Only after the last river has been poisoned / Only after the last fish has been caught / Then will you find that money cannot be eaten".

What can we do? Grow more naturally forests. Buy long lasting furniture ore re-use them.

Stop consumin palmiol, sojabeans and timber of the rainforest. And talk about what we are doing!

Do you join?


Acryl auf Leinwand
Gesche Stabenow Nordmann
Product Length
60 CM
Product Width
60 CM


Gesche Stabenow Nordmann

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