three in the nest

Drei im Nest

three in the nest

When I lived at the North Sea, I loved it to watch the sheep on the dike. Here you can also find some birds - three in the nest, that a give an extra portion humor to the silk screen print.
150,00 €

25 years did I live at the rough North Sea in the north west of germany. We lived near the dike and every morning the sheep came baaing along the dike - a wonderful melody in the morning.

I watched them daily and so they became a special part of my life. I painted and draw them many times and the print went over the world.

This silk screen print is unique. I printed it myself in the Edition of 20pieces. The prints are limited and hand signed.

original Siebdruck
Gesche Stabenow Nordmann


Gesche  Nordmann

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