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Bio of the artist: 


Gesche Nordmann.

Artist, worrier of mother earth, adventurer. 

Deep roots of uncountable generations are connecting me to  Nordschleswig, the south of Denmark. Together with my husband Gerhard I am living here since 2017. We live near the baltic sea, at the edge of forest and near the beach. Our private base!

My ancestors were sailors, farmers, painters and poets and the members of my today family continue choosing these values of cutlure, language, art, and seafaring.


I grew up in a little village in Germany, called Hollingstedt. Both my parents were teacher, they were very creative and tought me in art, music, language and culture.

I always loved to paint and it was my deep inner knowledge that I always would be an artist.

After final schoole examination I studied at the University (pedagogics, agriculture) and after that 15 years of practical eco agriculture followed with an own farm, first in Neubörm, then in Desmerciereskoog, near Bredstedt in Germany, at the northsea. There we raised our 6 children.

In three years of study at the masterclass of the painter Hans Günther Hansen I was taught everything I needed to be an selfemployed artist. Günther Hansen taught me in various parts of art. Later I other teacher followed. To work continuous let me get where I am today, still trying to develope everyday.

 I became an artist, since 2002 I am fully selfemployed. My dream came true.

I am still connected to eco-farming, and I love to practice sustainable living. In thsi Blog you can follow me and I hope you are inspired:  Praktisch Nachhaltig!

In 2021 we will open the nordmannARTgallery in Bredstedt, Germany.

Maybe we meet there one day?


Until then all the best and love,

Gesche Nordmann, January 2021 






  • Born 06.08. 1960 in Schleswig
  • Childhood in Hollingstedt, 1979 school examina, 
  • University studies in pedagogic and agricultuere
  • mother of 6 children
  • 15 year bio-dynamic agricalture on our own farm
  • Interests in Art, culture, spirituality, music, dance, renewable energies, wholistic life, protect nature.


  • Education in arts
    • 3 years education by the danish painter Hans-Günther Hansen, Aabenraa, Denmark.
    • since 2002 living from arts. 
  • Focus:
    • painting with acrylic on canvas
    • watercolors
    • drainting
    • design of houses inside and outside 
    • grafik/ cartoons
    • objektart


  •  Workshops and Galleries:
    • since 2002 living from art with own workshop in Desmercierskoog, Reußenköge, Nordfriesland, Germany.
    • 2005-2006 own workshop and gallery Bredstedt, Germany.
    • 2006 - 2016 own workshop in den Reußenkögen, Germany.
    • 2013/14 4 own workshop and gallery as a "Pop-UP"-gallery  in Aabenraa, Denmark.
    • 2014-2016 own gallery in Reußenköge, Germany.
    • Permanent repesentation in the Gallery Tobien in Husum, Germany.
    • In 2021 opening of  the nordmannARTgallery in Bredstedt, Germany.


  • Projects
    • artproject to support a refuge for battered woman in Estonia, with exhibitions in Estonia and Germany.
    • publishing of some children books and art-calenders.
    • organisation of collective exhibitions ( Speicher Husum, my own workshop, in the Deutschen Bücherei Apenrade, and more )
    • gnerating of the cross-border german-danish brochure „Kunstpunkte“. 
    • „art and music“ series of events in my own workshop 2013 und 2014
    • Participation in the „Kulturfokus“ (Kulturvereinbarung Region Sønderjylland – Schleswig)
    • Design of a house front called  „dat danzende Huus“ in Bredstedt
    • Sculptur in front of the danish school in Bredstedt
    • Order paintworks,f.ex. painting for the entrance of the „Amtes Mittleres Nordfriesland“, painting for the Stadtwerke Husum, painting for the dedication of the new plenary hall of the parliament in Kiel, works thor the art collection in the german library in Aabenraa, Denmark, painting for the village hall in the Reußenkögen.
    • design of different pr cards
    • order of paintworks for the Naturschuhboutique "Legere" in Husum, Flensburg, St. Peter Ording und Kappeln, 
    • order of paintworks Minaralöl Eggers, Husum
    • order of paintworks Fischhaus Loof, Husum
    • Design of "Breezer Aircraft" light plane
    • art project in the "Poul La Cour Museum" in Askov, Denmark.


  • Exhibition:
    • single exhibitions:
      • national: Wirtschaftsministerium Kiel, Landtag Kiel, international Windfair Husum, Hamburg, Hannover, and more.
      • International: German Culturinstitut in Tartu, Estonia; Galerie Oasis, Gomera, Spain; international Windfair London, Great Britain; German Library, Aabenraa, Denmark, Fritdscentrer Skaerbaek, artist of the month April 2011, Nordmann & Nordmann, Banegarden, Aabenraa, DK and more.
    • group exhibitions:
      • Rathaus Husum, Charlottenhof, Klanxbüll, Galerie Nr10 in Ulsnis, Provianthaus Glückstadt, censored exhibitions  in Aabenraa and Sonderburg, Denmark.


  • Ecucational trips:
    • Trip to the first nations in Canada and USA.
    • Asia trip 2011 and 2018
    • 2010-2011art-journey around the world to meet artists all over.


  • From the 1st. of March2016 to the 28th. February 2019 three year lasting Sabbatical to reboot.







Gesche Stabenow Nordmann


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